Wooden Window


The persistence of a friend made me start a blog and it took me more than 10 years to curate a decent one. A little space for me and those who'd like to spend some time with these thoughts of mine. 

I am Rahul Mahesh, a freelance writer/journalist who spends a large amount of time behind a camera as well. This is just a space for you to see what I see, read what I think and maybe have the mind to keep reading and joining me for a while while you browse.


The title "The Cellar Door" is inspired by J.R.R.Tolkein's famous honour to the combination of words "cellar door" being the most beautiful to ever be conjured. The name is similar in its affect as a gateway to more things to come.  

"The Conservatory" was my first foray into blogging and it has stayed true to my passion for poetry, satire and things of the literary kind. 

I have nurtured an avid interest in films, scriptwriting, music and literature which is the crux of what 'The Clutch" is about.

"Liberorum" is my attempt at journalistic writing and in many ways building up my skills as a freelance journalist. In the process, offer a different perspective. 

Hope you like what you see. Here's to you, for staying a while.