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A review of Norwegian singer-songwriter/producer Susanne Sundfør's 2017 release "Music for People in Trouble".

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Release Date: 8th September, 2017

Genre: Folk, Ambient

Label: Bella Union

Producer: Susanne Sundfør; Jørgen Træen


There aren't many in the spectrum of magic and poignancy, who comfortably occupy these spaces. The music of Susanne Sundfør falls in that beautiful cusp and the album, "Music for People in Trouble" falls in that spectrum. Sundfør's ability to string together an experience of distance, longing and yearning makes for a listen that pulls at the very core of our being.

It is important to realise that this artist's climb to the peak of critical and popular acclaim is a slow burn as is her work. There is a sense of purity that is rare in the modern discographies. In many ways, Sundfør is an artist's artist who stays to the core of the theme and therefore human existence. The penchant for pure sounds is as satisfying as the gentle purrs of a cat in its most blissful dreams. The album takes you through the many reveries of life and relationships meandering through the very thoughts and frills of people in passing. There is a universal relatability that comes with Sundfør's music that is unique to her musicality with elements of the real world peppered for aesthetics. The artist is conscious of the atmosphere of the album and wishes the vision for this album reaches in its entirety and a really successful endeavour in that.

The gentle touch, the shakes of her angelic voice that commands and yearns all at once makes this experience far more enriching than anything I have heard. Each word, sentence, lyric. tone, sound and music is most delicately placed to create the effect of transcendence. In many ways, Sundfør surely has succeeded in taking me to the place she wished to take the listeners when she came to the soundboard for this project.

The magic is alive and well. It lies within this ten song, quarter of an hour medley.


  1. Bedtime Story

  2. No One Believes in Love Anymore

  3. The Sound of War


Pic Credits: Album image: https://in.pinterest.com/pin/806355508259049060/

Cover Image: https://in.pinterest.com/pin/46654546131286474/

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