• Rahul Mahesh

A Letter

This poem is dedicated to all the mothers who have so fondly brought us up, despite our tantrums. They are seldom thanked, seldom served and seldom taken care of because we never consider it. I salute the courage that drives the lady of our houses, to wake up every morning foregoing their sleep; maintain the house, the family and lastly themselves. For them it is their family that is priority before anything in this world. Hit that “Share” button if you agree; “Retweet” if you feel for them…..Lets spread the message of our adoration 🙂  

When you opened your beautiful eyes,

The day filled the room with your cries.

Those wails like wind chimes,

Keep ringing in my ear a thousand times.

The day you stood on your two legs,

When your face gushed and a big smile swept.

I was always an audience for your concert,

With those bottles and those huge kegs.

The day you held onto my finger,

On our way to your first day of school.

Those days when you used to weep and whimper,

Like an inconsolable little fool.

Those days went by and soon you grew,

Taller than me, before I knew.

As a teen you rebelled for this and that,

Every day ended with a verbal spat.

Your age made you clumsy and defiant,

But you grew, while I looked on with pride and silence.

You grew tall in stature and status,

Much beyond the teenage drama and ruckus.

But as I think about then and now,

I begin to wonder whether or not,

When the day shall come for me, with a call from above,

Will you be there for me as I am here for you now?

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