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I have often wondered about life's philosophies. What makes the world go round, that sort of thing? But seldom has anything stood out. Nothing ever really convincingly made sense. I find that purpose, however tangible, seem to be fleeting. More than anything in the times we live in, a purpose is bleak and hard to find. So it would seem.

I wonder whether it is a fault of our own.

Never has the world been closer than it is now. Never has the wealth of nations been this accessible as it is now. Yet somehow togetherness has become a futile endeavour. For in togetherness there is neither anything to gain nor any ambitions to fiddle. This is the essence of humanity, the struggle for unity. Information is an entity that is lost in the cacophony of agenda and reactionary avenues that seldom achieve anything but irk the very substance of self. The inherent capacity of (mis)information to engage the populous in a manner that is more divisive than anything that has ever been conjured is magnificent and effective. It is important to look at every single move forward that mankind has made, there is a disillusion at its core. A bitter taste lingering on our palette. I would like to believe that such is the taste of change. But when the pungent odour begins to affect our appetite, it is time to change our diet.

The crux of the matter comes from the fact that "ideas" are aplenty but "vision" is for nought. Our opinions of the world are not based on the fact the 'black and white' but rests in a hue of grey. Life has never truly resided in the arms of the absolute, it is a seduction of the mind into believing what may come to persuade us more. It would be stupid to homogenise an entire populous into thinking that it is the former, for in that misconception lies the defeat of humankind. This is evident in every absolutist movement in history. We are mindful of our feelings (as one should be) but completely fail to examine a claim under the microscope of our own judgement. How ever long it may be, it is important to take a second guess at understanding the world around us. We, as humans, have the time and the liberty to 'give it a thought'. Yet somehow a baseless tweet is enough to send our world into a tizzy. I wonder if there would ever be any change in that mentality or are we simply too far gone already?

Hope is a necessary affliction. How much ever I try to be pessimistic about the world around me, I find myself searching relentlessly for the sliver of hope that is at the core of humanity. The reason why our primal senses came to smoothen over the years, the sensibility that often lay dormant in the minds of the people shall in time come to shine once again. I truly believe that. The idea of 'ideas' is not to simply provoke but to reinvent the very fabric of our lifestyle. We must realise these facets of our being if and when we are to ever reach the tipping point of whatever the modern world has come to be. If the current trends are to be taken into consideration, that watershed moment is just around the corner.

The air smells of a revolution and this is where I want to be.


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As featured on Behance by artist/illustrator Deborah Islas

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