• Rahul Mahesh



One of these days I shall be fine,

Tears won't fall so easily.

My hands would stop to shiver,

My thoughts would stay tranquil.

I will see not the clouds,

Neither the rains nor thunderstorms.

I will see the misty morning sun,

The dewdrops on the flower bed.

I wonder when that shall be,

The day my heart stops to yearn.

That night when I could fall asleep,

Just floating in my own frivolous fantasies.

I have been hollow lately,

My love has now given way to something sombre.

"Something disquieted", as my friend once said,

"Some shackled bruises waiting to ache again."

I know not what that meant,

For my pain seemed forthright and relentless.

I yearned for days and nights,

I lay stone sober,

Bottles and ashtrays collected dust.

I knew not how to drown my sorrows,

In poisons of a darker potion.

I knew not when to blow away,

My sadness in puffs of cigarettes by the fireplace.

These scars still have its anger,

Those days I tried to quiet my loquacious mind.

Yet here I am somehow benumbed,

Wallowing no more in those sordid memories.

Yesterday has now sailed away,

The seas are calm and-

The sun has now shown its grace.


Featured Image: https://in.pinterest.com/pin/219832025541273651/

The image is from a really amazing series by Assaf Matarasso, do check out the collection.

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