• Rahul Mahesh


I like to think of certain moments in my life,

Of those times I enjoyed its beauty.

Of a time that seemed so blissful,

Of a time spent in harmony.

I wish some times I could relive those moments,

Leave this wretched being far behind.

I wish to feel that peace again,

For I’d want nothing more but the calmness I used to find.

I am saddened for most parts now,

For having seen too much too soon.

I have fought wanton battles I suppose,

For people in unmindful glee vex me too soon.

I know not why my heart bleeds so,

I know not why my soul screams.

For these endeavours seem futile to me now,

A life so wrought with blasphemy.

I heard them say, behind closed doors;

That I think too much of things so infinitesimally small.

Am I forsaken to be this mororse?

Or have I forgotten to feel happiness anymore?

It saddens me still to think,

To think that they feel so little of me.

My thoughts destructive to say the least,

My mind is astray, far beyond my reach.

Its not the strength I lack,

For I must be lying cold on this hard floor.

I suppose the struggle and strife have thus caught up,

My soul flinches no more, tears have dried long ago.

My musings are but a mockery,

Of an angry, young and tired soul.

The wails seem to fall on deaf ears,

I am alone with these thoughts.

Alone. I sit. On a journey along this dark winding roads.

Life. As they’d call it.

Irrelevant is my sorrow.

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