• Rahul Mahesh



I feel slighted by the glimmer of sunshine

For they kiss my cheeks no more.

How rude of the breeze among the trees,

For not caressing my hair. The love that was once there,

Left barren and forlorn.

Where have they gone now?

Where must I look for such tenderness? I know of oceans that waged wars,

Storms that wrecked havoc on my shores.

I have seen these battlements fall,

I have seen the castles of my dreams turn to dust before. I used to build monuments in the sky,

Larger than life itself.

Then dark skies rumbled,

Melting these palaces of sand to the ground. Tomorrow lay adrift,

Like an abandoned log along a meandering stream.

Left alone, left afloat.

No oars to guide thee, no shore to call home.


Featured image: https://in.pinterest.com/pin/735071970404695973/

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