• Rahul Mahesh


“The poem talks about the moment when age catches up way too early and the realisation of the fact that all what we had done seem pointless. It is portrayed as an interaction with God when the end is near. I feel this will be an inspiration to live every moment to the fullest and follow life to the helm of success and remain detached from it all”

He came to my window and smiled,

He said politely, “Lets go now, it’s time my child.”

I asked for a delay, he kindly denied,

He said if I were born, its time that I died.

I said I had a family behind,

And that I was merely a child.

I argued that I had not yet seen the world,

The timing of His arrival seemed absurd.

His grace so large and divine,

To my arrogance, he merely smiled.

He said, “What you think is yours, had always been mine”.

It is time now, better say goodbye and take flight,

Adamantly I argued while he calmly smiled.

But soon enough, the truth had dawned,

Death is but the essence of life,

Which is just deliverance from this strife.

All that came into existence,

Must once dissolve into oblivion.

All our grandeur and feelings intense,

Must once and for all plunge into the valley from its pinion.

I came to life, I breathed and smiled,

When its time to die, why must I cry?

Death is a celebration which does remind,

From the helm of blossom, one must wither and dry.

For a new life to announce its arrival with jubilant cry!

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