• Rahul Mahesh


I remember life many a moon before,

When time was slow and the air was gentler.

The trees were green and –

Blossoms in the garden around me.

I remember quiet summer afternoons,

When days floated into nights.

There were no hesitance to life,

An even stream, meandering shorelines.

The apples in the orchards –

Were sweet, supple and bountiful.

The green grass upon the meadows –

Soft as the satin robe against my skin.

As time fleeted by mindlessly,

I walked upon these traveled streets.

Where the gravel met the sand –

And made love as my footsteps rang.

A lady sells peaches by the roadside,

Her arms are dainty and resplendent.

Her brown skin glistens beneath the streetlights,

She smiles at onlookers, her hair shines.

Her big black eyes, set upon me,

Wondering if I must walk by.

Two stalls away, on this crowded street.

She stands, her eyes beckoning me so.

The rains grew louder,

The streets cleared in desperation.

I simply walked away, back into my life –

With nothing but her smile on my mind.


Featured Image: https://in.pinterest.com/pin/129267451794284524/

The featured image is by famous photographer Piergiorgio Branzi. I highly recommend you take a look at his amazing work in Post World War Europe. Attached below is the link to an amazing article showcasing his work: https: //mymodernmet.com/piergiorgio-branzi-italian-photographer/

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