• Rahul Mahesh


When you walked down through that door,

And when you brushed your hair off your brow.

When those dimples, between your blushed cheeks shown,

That moment made my heart melt, like never before.

All day, all night, lost in your thoughts I lay,

Leaving this real world far away.

In my dreams I did see your face,

Smiling away in your heavenly.

Every morn I would look at those eyes,

You’re the truth I seek among these million lies.

The way you lit my world with that brilliant smile,

You’re my destiny, for which I would walk a million miles.

The way you’re lips curled into that beautiful smile,

Like roses that bloom in springtime.

Were you the one that I long besought?

I am here lost in your eyes, lost in your thoughts.

The day I walked you down to your stead,

Lost in your words, walking in nimbling speed.

When you looked back as you closed the gates,

Blushing a smile, I wondered is it just me or love too late.

My way back home, slower than I thought,

That crimson on your cheeks I never forgot.

I could feel you felt the same when we walked,

Why do I still see you, though the lights are out?

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