• Rahul Mahesh



Quiet down, O gentle heart;

Tears are but futile.

The sun hath forgotten it’s glory,

The moon seldom dances in the sky.

The gentle murmurs of the seas,

Have all gone silent.

Waves seldom talk to the shores,

Sea shells sing no more.

The earth has forgotten of happiness,

The joy of staying alive withers.

There are no words or glances exchanged,

Monotony world over, solemn faces.

No pleasantries to share with passers-by,

No salutations to an aged soul.

Meandering through the violent alleys,

The dirge of a wailing mother is all I find.

Humanity- a plundered kind,

Unmindful, vile and petulant beings.

In birds I find flights of fancies,

For man is but caged and cast to the seas.

The eyes does soak,

All that the heart does weep.

The pain I see, hear and feel;

Are nothing but islands simmering within me.


Featured Image: https://in.pinterest.com/pin/291748882116231496/

The image is a famous portrait by the Everett Historical with the origin supposedly dated back to the 1920s. I have attached a link below to other pictures taken if you are interested.


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