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Ataraxia” : tranquility; a state of freedom from emotional disturbance and anxiety.

Someday I will fly away,

Far away from the cacophony of today.

The nights shall no longer be tempestuous,

The days seldom saddening. Someday I will learn to live –

Fearing not what the future may hold.

I shall live for that day –

Not to be bogged down by wanton insignificances. Someday I shall cease to run,

Quietly stand and admire the stars.

I shall then watch the cascading seas,

For once realise what peace truly means. I shall keep no companion then,

For the shadows and silences would be my only allies.

My days shall be quiet –

No one speaking, no one listening in. There shall be no shackles then,

Neither friends nor foes or lovers to care for.

There shall be nights under the moonlit skies,

The blanket of stars, floating amid the murmurs of the seas. Tomorrow would cease to be a burden,

The mornings wouldn’t be so laborious.

I shall find meaning in this nothingness,

Contentment in these silences. Someday I shall know of happiness,

Not as an idle words that rests upon my tongue –

But in the first ray of sunshine upon my window pane,

And in the lasting embers of dusk – I shall be no more.

Ataraxia” is an interesting concept found in Stoicism, Epicureanism and similar ancient Greek philosophy. An interesting article on the idea if it tickles your curiosity: https://medium.com/the-sophist/stoicism-what-is-ataraxia-822eca353510

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