• Rahul Mahesh



My mind wanders amidst the gunshots,

Fear, filth and the eternal stench of war.

My heart does not need love no more.

Some quiet and peace would suffice.

I remember the vast Gulmohar tree,

Where we once stood as the bands marched in reverie.

For now my heart, a lonesome traveller

Looks for no lover save this drudge and dreary.

I have forgotten what you look like,

For my eyes have seen death too often.

Life and life givers like you matter no more.

I wish for sleep to silence the screams.

When I returned home, you stood waiting,

Pretty as I had left you, so long ago.

Love had left my heart,

For all the while I longed for this embrace.

Beneath the vast Gulmohar tree,

I left my love behind.

An aching heart I now seldom know.

I have no place in this world.

Shivers of the battlefield still shake my soul

For the distance between us,

Like vast seas I'd traversed.

I wish I stayed in bed that first night.

Here I am now, lost and absolved;

Beneath this lush Gulmohar tree.

Helmets for pillows,

Life has passed me by.


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