• Rahul Mahesh


I opened the door and quietly sneaked in. I hear the room breathing, the clock ticking. There is an eerie silence that wanders around the room. I have been here before, not too long ago. I feel a haunting resemblance in the things I see. I make my way to the bedroom where he lays in deep slumber. I feel the pounding heartbeat in his chest. As I move closer I can hear nothing but my own breathing and my racing nervous heartbeats replace the calmness in his. I reach the foot of the bed where he lay vulnerable and exposed. His eyes seem so calm and peaceful. The devil that lies beneath those eyes spitting fire shudders me back to reality. He must pay for what he did, the silent killer disguising as a friend. When he took her dignity, he had no remorse. When he chopped her into unrecognisable pieces he and no remorse. As he stood on trial before the jury, he was unnerved as he knew they had nothing on him. In a system so corrupt where justice can be bought and the truth swindled in the wind carelessly, he got away. I lost her to the bane of society and the only thing I could do is watch him smile at me as he left the building unscathed.

Now I finally have him in his most vulnerable. I am haunted by her gruesome murder, my baby sister who never hurt a soul. Her only mistake that she fell into his predatory gaze. The husband from hell, Satan himself. Now he is mine. I reach under the sheets and grab his naked crotch as he yelps I sink my blade into his neck. I can see the horror in his eyes, the life he thought he could live being slowly taken away. I plunged the knife deeper into his throat, as he lay exposed. I did not take my eyes off him, I watched him bleed. I watched every second of his life waste away in each losing drop of blood. I lay side on his bed, where he violated my sister and left her dead. I smile as the horror and repentance comes screaming back into his eyes. He is slowly waning, I could hear his heart give. Dhup…Dhup…Dhup…nothing. I give out a sigh as I lay there in a pool of his blood, as the sheets get soaked I feel elated. I dream of my angel sister and her beautiful smile as I fall asleep next to his corpse.

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