• Rahul Mahesh


Words have fallen into deaf ears,

Screams are left unheard.

My arms are weak and my eyes are tired,

I have been searching far and wide for you.

I can’t remember much of last night,

Save the lights that flickered about and the dancing shadows.

I hear but loud music and cheering crowds,

I know not wherefore I am, I know not what has become of me.

The night is too young for me to head home,

In mindless wandering, I find pleasures thus.

Beneath the star spangled night sky I lie,

Reminiscing of the nights I danced and flitted carelessly by.

I hear no melodies as such,

No harmony could reach within my soul.

I am but mesmerised by the silences that float,

In a clear blue sky I lie, there is no one around.

In crowds I do find, an uneasiness and panic so distraught,

In conversations I find myself, drifting far away.

The woman that lay by my side does not excite me,

Save those momentary pleasures of an ecstatic orgasm.

I see beauty in this loneliness,

Of being recklessly your own.

In quiet musings I find myself talking,

To no soul but my own and the darkness that thus surround.

I hate to be this man, my dear,

So distant and broken from all of life.

I seek to feel the pleasures of this reality,

But seldom have I found them in people and its myriad banalities.

I loathe the sadness that lie within me,

The critical mind that scares me daily.

I look for happiness in life and times,

But words seem futile and endeavours carelessly morose.

I silence myself, I scream no more,

I am but one with the quiet musings.

I know wherefore to go, I have no goals to reach,

I am but a lost wave crashing against an alien shore.

Let me sore my dear, let me flutter and fly away,

Not to some island of my own but to another twisted reality.

Where people love more than they pretend to in this world,

A place where life is whole and not subliminally blue.

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