• Rahul Mahesh


There comes a point in life where all that is presumed to be real and true of this world turns out to be purely fictitious. In those moments, everything that is around you feels like it is closing in and reality becomes nothing but a figment of a dark  and twisted imagination. Let’s just say I am in one of those moments where anything and everything seems questionable…..

I am lost for words, 

Thoughts and expressions seem futile 

The pandemonium of survival, 

A bleak semblance of who I was. 

I seek for redemption, 

A truce to call it even. 

In the turmoil of my own thoughts, 

I lay here, static and motionless. 

For in times like these, I 

Find no true shelter from defeat. 

Platitudes in spoken words, 

I find none so amusing. 

I seek not a validation for myself, 

I seek for, shall we say, an absolute answer. 

A resolution, if you will, or;

A mere revelation to meet me half way. 

Through such times and tides, 

Of deep and sojourned mourning.

I find questions left unanswered,

And thoughts left unspoken.

Sleep is nothing but a crutch,

For I now sleep too much.

I sleep thus for a lack of ambition,

I find no reason to stay awake, as;

Reality ceases to excite me anymore.

I know not where to go from here,

From these shackles of expectations and conventions.  

I know I feel within me, a deep, 

A deep sense of anxiety, a new far lesser world I seek. 

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