• Rahul Mahesh


Your sun-kissed hair, your dewy lips,

I still remember like it were yesterday.

I still see you washing your hair,

In a bath of fresh roses.

Your eyes like pearls in black,

Gazing upon me with love unbound.

You walk out of the bath, naked,

A goddess of such beauty and serenity.

Lustful intentions swarm my senses,

Yet when you come close, I twitch.

Not because I love you any less,

But fearful that this love, like everything else, may fade.

But in fear we live a life not enough,

What is life if left unloved and unscathed?

To make yourself bleed out,

Just to keep your beloved’s heart beating.

You lay down in bed,

Your body still soaked and fresh.

I see you staring at me,

I see the love in your eyes, you have for me.

Kiss me not, O sweet love,

My heart might just give away.

To make tender love to you,

To sleep in your arms I dream.

I see you there by the bedroom door,

I watch you walk away.

Your hair falling like rain showers in June,

Slowing taking my breath away.

I’d make love to you tender again,

But I must now repose.

As you fall deep into slumber,

Your serene beauty I do see, the kind the world would never know.

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