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Case of the (coffee) Mondays

One beauty of a write up! 😀

write meg!


The Monday after a spring forward time change. Rougher than a scorpion bite, right?

I’m trying to pull myself together enough to tackle the day, but I’m discombobulated in ten different directions. Capped by getting up extra early today to help my dad with an errand before work and, well . . . I’m hurtin’. I could barely get my contacts in through half-swollen eyes.

Thank God for coffee.

My illustrious history with the fuel powering millions started in college. Growing up, coffee was treated like a controlled substance — something to be enjoyed by adults only, obviously, and regulated. Since my mom has had an early-rising job for decades, I was used to seeing her caffeine intake rise steadily through my childhood. Poor Mom still keeps awful hours, and the accompanying coffee IV drip that follows her everywhere is understandable.

Me? I have less excuses.

I work locally…

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