• Rahul Mahesh


Uncuff me, I beg of you;

Please let me hold my love.

I have been away for far too long,

Away from her breath, away from her touch.

I said nothing when you took me away,

I had no words when my circumstances tore my heart.

I seek not these material pleasures,

Uncuff me, dear sir; let me leave her with a final embrace.

Behind the cages I yearned for her,

To touch her, to kiss her, to love her again.

In these four walls I dreamed of her,

Of her face, I’d make portraits aplenty.

I don’t have much time now,

Unchain me, this one time I plead.

Forgive me for my impunity,

For love pays no heed to those that come in between.

I am beside myself. I know not any respite;

Release me from my pain, let me hold my love.

He took no heed, that unmerciful breed,

All I wanted and longed for taken from me;

Misery accompanies me to my grave.

There she remains, unbeknownst to my yearning,

My Gloria, I wish’d for you to see.

As my body swings cold, she’ll wail,

Inconsolably so till the bed of time.

I wish I could tell you my love,

Life goes on and so must you.

But as I lay dying. I was silenced much before,

For all I’d asked for was to hold my love.


Art Cerdit: https://in.pinterest.com/pin/569775790342033932/

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