• Rahul Mahesh


There are those days when your mind is filled with thoughts about a special someone in your life. These thoughts may have been things of the past or memories of the present but never a day goes by without these thoughts. This is rather a memoir for that special someone. Happy Reading! 🙂

There are some pictures I got of you,

When we were young, when we were new,

I seem to recollect all those memories anew,

Even in those lovely portraits I drew,

There I see that brilliant smile of yours,

Where every corner of my world you would light,

In the darkness of night, your smile shone bright,

Bedazzled by that charm I am dear Delores.

This girl would catch my attention,

With the tiniest of things I would little expect,

No malice there, not pretension,

Just Delores, who never left me in neglect.

The way your hair brushed on my face,

When that old mind bellows by the flame,

When you would gleefully apologise, such grace,

Was what made Delores, my Dame.

Those lush long locks of hair,

Like fields filled during springtime,

That feminine beauty, such nimble flair,

Such was Delores, lifting me from despair.

I had wondered what made us so inseperable,

So intensely in love, so blissfully cheerful,

How could we have flown together with no trouble?

Just the you and me, with such love buckets full.

Every morning when I would easily wake,

Go upto the blinds in dazy swoon,

I would imagine you sitting by sitting by our lake,

Dimpled smile, racing my heart like the rains in June.

Dear Delores, I want you to walk with me,

Throughout all of what is left of my life,

Through this journey, I will make you see,

You are the reason I call this a `Life’

Hold my hand, as I reach out to you,

Your touch a sign that you love me true,

Till the last breath that my body drew,

Dear Delores, there will never be someone like you.


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