• Rahul Mahesh


I’ll stay here i think, 

Walloped in my sorrow.

I’ll lay here on my bed, 

Stare at the blank white walls. 

I’ll be in my thoughts for now, 

For here I feel most alive. 

I’ll be engrossed in this insanity, 

For here judgement ceases to exist. 

I’ll be in my brooding, wasting away the weak flame, 

That is what my life has came to and prolonged. 

I’ll be here in my mind’s tempest, 

For in here I can bathe in my remorse. 

I’ll live in this shadow of my existence, 

Afraid of a world that I can no longer fathom. 

In here I feel the most lost and desolate, 

Yet in this cacophonous silence I felt sublime. 

I’ll be the same desolate soul that I am, 

For now I find no end and see no return.

I need no sympathy of the world that surrounds me, 

I’m fine, thank you; just let me be.  

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