• Rahul Mahesh


In nightly pandemonium therein,

Afloat I am, hung by a thread.

Straying into crevices and gorges deep,

Amidst the whims of a flutter of thoughts.

In sombre silences I find,

An endless beauty in misery.

A singular thought ripples through me,

My mind in tandem to crippling agony.

Yet there is beauty in these,

The harsh and hallowed musings.

A momentary silence here,

Echoes ripple through the alleys of dreams.

Forsaken thoughts have thus enslaved,

The best that is left of humanity.

The wise stand behind and flail their arms,

While the imbeciles command these abounds.

In tatters of clothing, disheveled,

Unshaven, with scars all over.

A reminder of a harrowing past,

A foreboding to a cacophonous future.

Shuddering silences engulfs this room,

Save the lilt of the rustling leaves.

The gore of sadness and overthought,

The spring I see outside the window, a mockery to my misery.

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