• Rahul Mahesh


Recently we celebrated the 100 years of Indian Cinema in emphatic candour with the release of ‘Bombay Talkies’. The film talks about four different stories, different moods and different styles of picturization. I don’t know why, but to me Karan Johar seemed to have cut down a little bit on his extravagance in this one. I feel it might be because of the style of direction or storytelling by the other three directors that evoked in him a certain kind of simplicity. Today, Indian Cinema does not stand for its over-dramatic actors (though few in number), sensationalism, or the bantering of male chauvinists. It is an evolving industry that has stood against time to produce ‘quality’ movies. But, we Indians can seldom rise out of the sugar-coated shell, which characterize the brand ‘Bollywood’. I am not saying we need realistic stuff always but most of the no-brainers are merely condescending. I do feel that we lack quality in our movies, which can help align ourselves with the movies around the world, the Hollywood, French, Spanish to name a few. There have been, in the past, many directors who gave the world timeless wonders and shine bright among the stalwarts of Indian Cinema. The need of the hour is the adequate promotion of quality movies in this country.

I feel that our generation, yearns for good movies rather than the than the typical candy-floss stuff. Despite the evolution of our industry, the actors who come in are, always wanting to go in for the ‘larger-than-life’ roles. These actors leave alone knowledge of cinema, completely lack basic acting skills. Their bland expressions in even the most touching parts of the movie, makes my blood boil and I sometimes feel like blasting their heads with a stengun!! It is not that we lack good scripts or directors; we simply lack a platform for them to rise. It not we have a dearth of good actors; we are simply making them fall for the vices of commercial cinema. I am not a big fan of commercial cinema though I do like to indulge in them sometimes, so my views on cinema may seem lackadaisical. Most good scripts turn drab and powerless when it falls to the whims of commercialization. It is necessary to understand the audiences, who have nowadays started to appreciate movies with fewer songs and dance numbers. But I am totally against removing songs from Indian movies, it is our signature on world cinema. A Bollywood movie without song is like heart with no love; our generation or rather my generation does not find it necessary to see people dancing around during every scene of a movie. The audiences have matured in what they want from a movie, it is time the industry realizes this and work towards bringing out the best talents in business.

Every actor, director, producer, writer and all who participate in the film making process are unique in their skill. When they follow their instincts I think we would be capable of drawing more accolades than presently. It is time that we put on our thinking caps and come up with movies as diverse as this country, as there is definitely no dearth of talent. It is time to go beyond being mere catalysts in world cinema and attain a status of being an evolutionary product of the best that world can offer. If we wish to have a standing other than being largest grosser or box-office numbers, we must think of going beyond screening our movies in film festivals and start aiming for greater glory even at the Academy and Golden Globe awards. On a concluding note, always a good movie depicts the creative mood of the country.

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