• Rahul Mahesh



Every morning I stand before the window and look at the neem tree that grows in the garden. This has been a habit for quite some time now. But today it was raining, the sky enveloped the world in gloom and birds nestled in their nests. But my attention was caught by this young pigeon, trapped among the bushes, unable to get out. The mother was nowhere to be found, I thought I   should intervene. But somewhere I felt nature is a mother herself and I wondered what it would do. I could see the little pigeon wailing in pain, restless to get out, it was pushing its way. In a snap, it broke the twig and its tiny yet magnificent wings spread and it took flight. It flew away to its `freedom’ but I still stood at the window smiling to myself on witnessing an epic struggle. It seems insignificant but it sure had a deeper meaning into it.

Freedom is like spreading the wings just like the little pigeon, when you are shackled among the `bushes’ of everyday turmoil. I always felt that the sky seems more beautiful, the stars shine brighter, the world seems larger and bounteous when seen with a free heart. In a cluttered city like Mumbai, it is hard to find FSI (Free Space Index) enough for us to fly. There are those shackles that remain struck to the found with a strong grip. When this topic showed up in this paper, like everyone I felt I will write about the freedom struggle in India, the sacrifices but we are aware and patriotic enough to remember these incidents. I thought I should be able to convey what goes on in my mind when `Freedom’ turns up. The weight of emotions that carries is incomprehensible. For a toddler freedom is when he / she takes the first steps, for a teenager it might be when you are able to make your own rules in life (without parental or tutorial advisory ), for a teacher it might be finishing the corrections and getting a nap because its already `good morning’ for the world. Freedom is not what is shown in movies leaving home, running with winds in the meadows; freedom is when you stand on your own and accept your life the way it is. There is folk lore that goes: KNOW YOURSELF AND YOU SHALL BE FREE. What we are doing right now is called `existing’ and not `living’. It has become a routine than an expedition. Freedom lies when we realise and accept that my life is no less than an exploration. Everyday we wake up, come to school, study and fool around, go back home and follow routine.

We are born free but yet, in chains. The day we realise that the person we are is the one who we should be and not the one created by routine; I think that is when we are free. From that moment on, the days will seem longer, nights will be full of good dreams and everything that you see and perform will give you happiness. I have always believed that freedom is not a destination or a foal it is a mindset, an endless journey of recognising yourself. The day you believe and yearn to be free the plethora of turmoil and the ruckus of distress will just be a mirage. My ideas may seem clustered and unjacketed but I am quite confident about my thoughts because I can feel these words talking to me and that is liberating. It is kind of `freedom, that words can only give me when I am bowed down by the pandemonium created in life. This `freedom’ that I discussed, is where true expression lies. The person who is free by all meaning need not surface doubts about his thoughts. Such thoughts, that arise, out of a free mind is the purest form of expression.

As I conclude, I wonder what would be the culmination of this freedom. After a life of free mind what do I achieve?  I think that it is the beauty of freedom, such unanswered question. When you live a free life and when your part in this world reaches its climax, which is when we shall truly understand the power of liberation (freedom). So maybe I have not yet lived the free life that I expressed! It seems I have a long way to go…………………….


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