• Rahul Mahesh


It is a wayward day, lounging under the showers of July rains; listening to John Mayer and Adam Levine. Strolling down the wet roads I often look up to feel the rain fall on my face. Not quite the things you’d do when you abhor this season. But these are a few moments when I really enjoy these slow walks. Just you and your playlist in a beautiful drizzle; just lost in random thoughts. I often indulge in such little pleasures of the lazy evenings, far away from the pandemonium of routine. I delve into these noisy silences of my chaotic barrage of thoughts with great ease. It is not one of those days when you’re deep and philosophic about your life and its events but merely a fleeting voyage. I sit on a rock and just look at the soaked leaves and enjoy the beauty of the day and the beauty of the thoughts.

Sometimes it becomes important to switch off from the daily rush and just let our minds linger and swerve through unreasonable moments and ponder about them. In those moments I don’t want to go home, I just feel like staying out and staying off road. Just breezily drift through these moments until it wanders into oblivion, now that the word has become too clichéd to use. The things that you keep you on your toes on the way up and down the road of routine often make us ignore all of the slight necessities that the world often offers. In these infinite moments of off roading I regularly find these moments wonderful because they are so rare, so unexplored. There is this magic in the way we see this world, the air smells different, the wilderness seems peaceful and all those stressful moments vanish. I have had my share of trouble to make peace with myself and it is these moments of sheer solitariness.

There are days my friend, when things won’t seem hunky dory and you’d want to run away. You should do just that, run away. It is not running away from your problem but running away from the feelings that make you feel close to that problem, it’s the run and not the act as such which gives your mind its clearance. Take your feelings and your thoughts for that much needed walk in the park, take it for a swim to that quiet pond in your backyard or just plug in to your favourite song and get lost in it. The margin between relapse and recovery is just as long as our willpower, the moment you succumb to your loathing you are enslaved. The path to recovery is not as difficult as the god men and those yoga classes tell you; you never have to twist and turn your body into a rubber band to find peace. The solution to your problems lies when you begin questioning about it. You are your problem and the solution, god men and other such farce are merely a blanket or a business model. Routine and habit are like homework you never like it but you have to go through the grind. When you know you have to face it, you could definitely use an alternative perspective; your very own cheat code. So get on your feet and take that long awaited break, seek out for the solution and stop cribbing about your day. Stop whining about how horrible your day was, stop complaining about your WiFi connection and just get out there. Go places, meet new people, feel the rain on your face and the grass on your feet. When you’re back home, you’ll see quite a different person on that mirror staring back with that long forgotten disarming smile.

Go off roads, rediscover yourself; the dirt on your feet and the wet hair will surely be a bliss.

Glad that I live am I; That the sky is blue; Glad for the country lanes, And the fall of dew. ……..Lizette W. Reese; A Little Song Of Life.
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