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The Israel-Palestinian conflict has reached a level of violence and aggression that has surpassed all previous conflicts. Tensions are at the highest level and the atrocities by the Israeli security forces are inadmissible. But as support for the Palestinian cause gains momentum in the social media and the global public, it is important to know what is the socio-political baggage this region carries.


People often mistakenly believe that the present Israel-Palestinian conflict is a thousand-year-old religious conflict that has gone awry. Though there are many such examples of the history of religious in-fighting in the region, this conflict is not it. Though there are some aspects of religion involved on both ends, the conflict has been largely socio-political and it is only 100 years old. Arising from the wrongful partition and misguided principles of division, the region has seen much of the conflict as a result of strong nationalistic sentiments among the Jews and the Arabs. The roots of the problem came to be in the late 19th and early 20th Century.


Wherever there is the mention of any European power in the early parts of the 20th Century, there is a recipe for trouble. The Balfour Declaration (1917) is considered one of the major catalysts in the present predicament in the region as it has not helped with anything but further the gashes of the vitriolic conflict over the years due to the intentionally vague terminologies within the document. The pro-Zionist post-War sentiment that was prevalent in the then British parliament does not make for an image of fair judgement as the power was transferred to the Zionist cause. This did not sit well with the Arabic residents who had a claim to the region owing to their distinct Palestinian identity and did not believe in the idea of a "national home for the Jews".


The region has a history of violence that has sustained over such a long time that there is a reticent acceptance of it within the communities. Though the regular public wishes to go about their lives and largely agree upon a two-state policy, the respective governments disagree as it is a matter of territorial validity. The region has seen the deaths of thousands of Palestinians and Israelis with clashes with security forces and sectarian terrorism. The Intifada (First and Second) along with the many assassinations of movement leaders on both sides along with the establishment of violent groups like the Black Hand (formerly), Hamas and others seemingly overwhelming even the local Palestinian population by sabotaging attempts at peace.


The willingness of the Israeli authorities to push the agenda and engage in extensively aggressive measures to commensurate the idea of a Jewish state is common knowledge. The increased settlers streaming into the West Bank and occupying the various settlements due to reasons ranging from cheap housing to nefarious ideas of homogenising into a Jewish predominance are aplenty. The recent evictions of the Palestinian communities and the forceful nature and brute force utilised to systematically antagonise and oust the native populous has made for a very difficult situation that could in many ways only get much worse.

The Palestinian cause has its weight of indomitable turmoil and incessant problems including the violence within its community owing to the various terrorist organisations. The people are tired and simply wish to come to a rational conclusion on the matter that satisfies both parties involved. The various interest groups outside of the region have through time made their divisive inclinations shown, their intentions to pour fuel into the fire and keep the flames of turmoil burning is contemptible. Yet it has proven effective and shall continue to affect any prospects of peace in the region. What powers got us here? How did it reach such insurmountable heights? One has to trace history to ever understand.


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