• Rahul Mahesh

Je t’aime de loin

I should’ve known our love forlorn,

The moments that we shared would fade.

You shall be replaced with memories,

I’d be left pining for you.

The bed in which we lay,

The laughs we shared.

The tears we shed together,

The pandemonium that became our lives.

I shouldn’t have left you just yet,

Maybe I should’ve stayed longer.

Now that our eyes don’t meet,

Now that you are too far gone.

Your kisses left with you, my lips are now parched,

Moments I want to hold you, left amiss.

Now I watch you move ahead,

Seeking solace in someone else’s arms.

I see you are broken too,

Yet some things I suppose can’t be fixed.

Maybe the time and tide flew too fast,

Pushing us farther and father away.

You may not know this about me,

But I am still forever yours.

In troubles and times of need, your solemn shadow,

In your happiness I shall laugh silently with you.

Your smile, your touch, your gaze,

I am left with pieces of memories.

With pictures I hold, I’ll breathe life into us,

For now, I shall love you from afar.

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