• Rahul Mahesh

Just Before Dawn!

Once upon a time I met a girl

Her face was bright, eyes were like pearl

I first met her at a crowded ground,

She smiled while I stood there spellbound.

In this world there are thousand faces

But only one looks our gazes

I stood there on the ground awe-struck,

Thanking destiny and my luck.

The day I met you was not mere coincidence

That’s one thing that never made sense

The day we met we created a spark

Then on we loved from morn till dark

I’d walk you down through those lanes

All the time thinking whether it is love or just a teenage flame

The answer I get just looking at your face

It is pure love, going to survive through time and space

I used to, for her, live and survive,

Looking at those eyes so beautiful & sublime

Suddenly one day not long ago,

I came to realize, it is love I must forgo

I still keep searhing for her in the abyss of time,

I park my pen with no words to rhyme

The clock strikes nine and I wake up,

“JUST  ANOTHER  DREAM”,  I sum up.

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