• Rahul Mahesh


This is a simple take on love and the way it meanders through our lives. It is how important love is in our lives; also how love is never truly lost. Happy Reading!!! 

Love may be the most complicated word, you have come across. The only word (maybe) to make the world seem gloomy for no tangible reason; a word that can make the sun seemingly brighter and the nights dreamy. A kind of hallucination that lingers even after those moments of passion. It maybe highly corny to write about this topic time and again; but isn’t it the most beautiful feeling ever? The only feeling that arouses fear, passion, insecurities, pleasure, envy, happiness and grief all at the same time. The mild moment of palpitation when the lady of your life walks past. Love is different from all other feelings as it is seldom that our minds wander to such distant lands of frenzy.

Love is magical and pure; it has no language (cliched), no discrimination nor does it resort to any form of favoritism. Even the tardy and resolute fall in love with just a curl of lips. So strong is the power of love that it can overcome barriers, surmount all troubles  and surge its way to the Utopian heart. We are witness to the legendary and immortal love of Romeo and Juliet, though most of us regard it as overly mushy and incorrigibly sentimental.

Love is a balance, it is never too loud to seek our attention, never too silent to slip into oblivion. It exists and wanders around us grasping our senses from heightened reverie to deep gallows and dungeons of sorrow. The rather rapid fall of man into loathsome misery is tragic, yet that is the beauty of love. It is rare that we realize this fact, because in that moment of rage nothing else matters. We become selfish and disregard the fact that ‘love’ is a choice not an imposition. It is when people realize this moment of tragedy to be a transition into new life; that is when the essence of love is imbibed. It takes time to soak in this lustful pool of love and thus longer to squeeze out the habit. So am I suggesting to be reckless? Am i suggesting that love is highly overrated? NO. Never. Love is pure, love is omnipotent, love is magical; love is life itself.

All I suggest, is to move out of love just the way you entered it. When the time does come, whomsoever might be at fault it is always important to remember that it is not the end of the road. Love is, like i said, omnipotent; so open your heart and feel the breeze rush through your face. Happiness will surely follow.

Love is that feeble autumn leaf, the harder you cling onto it, the faster it droops and falls. Give it lease, breathe some life into it and it may have a chance to brave the storm or else wither away; that is reality. But, even when withered, you can cling onto your blankets with the relief that you gave it a shot.

All those who are in that trench of love, look for the stairway to redemption; all those who are on the verge of falling out of love, hang onto that rope of hope, And all those in love, enjoy it; live it and love like you mean it. There will come a tomorrow when he/she may not be by you but if you seize this moment, you can find the happiness of a lifetime.

Love without hesitation, love without fear. Love without single thought that the end is near. Love without expectation or hope; without any obligation or reason. For in love there is no explanation, there is no reason. Just the moment to soak in! Like they say : KEEP CALM AND FALL IN LOVE!

           Doubt thou the stars are fire; Doubt that the sun doth move; Doubt truth to be a liar; But never doubt I love…….         William Shakespeare (Hamlet).
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