• Rahul Mahesh


There are times I wallow in fear,

In fear of loss, a fear of love forlorn.

I’m afraid of most things intimate;

Afraid of letting in, for having struggled to let go before.

But lately I find myself falling,

Falling so carelessly asleep in your arms.

Seldom have I been so quietly content,

Seldom have no wars been waged in my heart.

There is a calmness I feel around you,

Words fall flat, my eyes stuck gazing at you.

I see the pain in your eyes, for having been broken;

But when you kiss, lips so tender doth meet.

I find you flutter away into a frenzied mindlessness.

A carelessness you take me to, a quiet refuge.

In these lustful silences, as sweat drip down your naked back;

A sense of peace I find staying in your arms.

I have never found love in these lustful escapades,

A home I sought in vacant hearts that haunt these corridors.

I found you.

I found you at a time so turbulent.

Trouble seems less fought over;

My heart is calm, my heart thus content.

In these short lived moments of pleasurable silences in your arms.

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