• Rahul Mahesh


`The world is full of idiots’ – this is the ad line for CEAT tyres. There is every bit of truth in this very line, not in the context of the situations in the ad, in reality itself. We make lots of blunders in all lives and hence we are proudly ‘idiots’!  Men and chaos have by far been a largely predominant existence.  But what create more ruckuses are not the blunders, but our ego which seldom accepts our fallacies that make us idiotic. I have always wondered why people hesitate to promptly apologise for their errors, I never understood the point of   justifying such errors.  It was only later, that I found out these are theories that wisecracks created to explain such behaviour.  Such is the height of human ego – cannot find a solution, write a theory to justify and pay a shrink for therapy.

EGO – a ‘cut’ three letter word, but a rather demonic proclivity. The results that your ‘egoistic’ intervention brings in certain problems never help in solving but surely aggravating it.  I would not like to completely write it off though, without an ‘ego’ one cannot earn respect.  It the ‘ego’ that  defines who you really are.  People, by and large, utilise their egos in a negative light than in a positive manner.  An apology is never a sigh of weakness; I would rather consider it as distancing oneself from possible conflict.  But people never feel the need to bow in order to rise.  Our ego is such that logic and reasoning cannot be savoured and it is largely enamoured by the prospect of clashes.  By this argument I do not imply not standing for what is unjust, but  I am indicating a situation of substantial let down on our part.  I feel that we can solve half of the problems in our lives by keeping our egos aside and indulging in constructive discussions.  It is imperative to understand that whenever ‘Ego’ calls the shorts, you cannot possibly reach a consensual agreement.

It is necessary to understand that the trick to maintaining a lasting relationship is being wary of the demonic ego clashes.  An ego for existence and rationality in maintenance is what characterises real human relation.  Our world needs your ego to change its course and not become an obstructionist in such changes.

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