• Rahul Mahesh


The night is quiet today,

Save the rain that pours relentless.

There are no storms brewing,

The night is but spent in quiet contemplation.

I can see the mountains from here,

My windows, a vision I never sought.

A vision of serenity, one of ecstasy,

The sights I see are magnificent,

So humbling is my being.

There are no shadows creeping,

The denizens rest with no qualms.

I do not await the morning tonight,

I suppose more so today than before.

The calm lies and spreads across,

The fields of daisies gleefully dance in the breeze.

The gurgling waters I hear,

The sounds of the harmonising rainforest abound.

Slipping into sleep had never been easy,

I look for no lover, neither cure nor peace.

I find them all here in this,

In this moment of tranquility.

Peace I find in the patters of rain upon the roof,

A Cure to my troubled mind I find in the harmony of the night.

A Lover I find in the air that abound, Artemis my beloved.

My bags I see thus, packed and stowed away;

Reminding me of a life of routine that I must return.

I stand fast momentarily, the idea of returning seemed pointless,

To a life so monotonous, so pathetically broken.

Standing there by the bonfire,

I unpack and watch, as my clothes light on fire.

Slowly shedding the weight of a former life,

The places, the stories, the past slowly burning away.

I feel peaceful.

As I lay beside that pyre,

I watch as my memories turn to ash.

There is a reticent glow, set upon my face;

For having left all of you, all of them burning together.

Far, far behind.

There is peace in forgetting,

A dubious pleasure in this forceful amnesia.

I watch the smoke, the engulfed flame;

I am now cleansed, I am free.

I am fearless. Reborn.

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