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Release date: 24 November 2017

Producer: David Holmes

Label: Sour Mash Records

Genre: Neo-psychedelia


The name of Noel Gallagher resounds in the annals of music history as a mammoth. One of the founding member of Oasis, the cult rock band of the early 90’s; he has been brewing up a storm in these past years. The success of his solo career through The High Flying Birds is nothing but pure magic to the ear. The opening of the album with the resounding sounds of Fort Knox, a noisy and electric introduction to what is to be heard. The idea of having cacophonous sounds of everyday life has never pleased me; but somehow this is definitely hamonising. The mysterious sound of Fort Knox kicks of a diverse collection of celebration. Holy Mountain, another masterful rapture is what makes this album seminal in its tone. The fact that the loud rapture of Noel’s voice and the loud drums focussed by clap-happy guitar riffs makes this a groovy tune. The follow up to that being Keep On Reaching, a piece of work considering the fact that involving the horn into the foray shows the masterful production. The idea of making a statement and gaining ground with your ideals runs through the lyrics in this motivational no-fucks given drive that is characteristic of the Gallaghers.

The fourth song, It’s a Beautiful World, slows the pace a bit and misses the mark slightly. The idea of that song in the middle of the collection seems to me a bit off. The classy lyricism aside, the feel of the album kind of falls short right about here. The same is the case with She Taught Me How To Fly, the soothing chorus aside, the song is low-key pandering to most of the pretentious rock songs that seems to float around in the market lately. The part where the album gets right back on top with its musicality is, Be Careful What You Wish For, bringing in a bit of blues rock with pop rock acoustics, this song is what picks the pace back up for the band. What follows is an array of good music and soulful lyrics with Black and White Sunshine, Love is The Law. The latter being one of the most lyrically stirring songs on this playlist.

The album ends with a beautiful rendition of a live recording of Dead In The Water; as Noel callously interacts with surroundings he lets out a tune that you will remember. This song sheds light into the mind of a genius songwriter, who belts out a melody that is worth the encore. The acoustic melody that sends stirrings down your spine is a testament to some of the classic acoustics that he is known for.

If you have ever heard or loved Oasis, Noel Gallagher takes a special place in your heart. He has transcended to a zone of experimental style yet bearing in mind the raunchiness that comes with his persona. The bashful, carefree mood with which eh soothes your ears still resonates to this moment. The album Who Built the Moon? ring in your head long after your phone batteries run out.

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