• Rahul Mahesh



The morning is dull and the day is slow,

The night fails to charm my senses.

Siestas seldom bolster my mood,

I am a mind divided.

The threshold of life seemingly lost,

The wild flowers of the soul are now wilting.

There are no desire that make me human,

I am in decay, I am no more.

When the trains were once filled with life,

I often wished the world would stop awhile.

I wished to take some time to know the world,

Its people and its land that I loved so much.

But now the all has stopped for good,

There are no tremors of the trains upon the rails.

The cacophonous reverie of the evening rush,

Now fall upon the silence of the daily.

My senses have now gone numb,

There are no happy songs to sing.

I yearn to fly like the birds outside my window,

Free from this everlasting standstill.

Routine, the marauder of man,

Seizing life from its glory.

The days now long and dreary,

My life seem to smother me from within.


Featured image: https://in.pinterest.com/pin/4785143330915866/

Photo Credits: Ludovic Taillandier (Profile)

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