• Rahul Mahesh


The white skinned canopies are blowing in the wind,

The night sky is solemn and quiet.

The shore sings a lullaby not too far,

Calling you, calling me.

Red shoes are too bright for tonight,

Leave them by the bedside.

The evening calls for a barefooted serenade.

The parade has gone to sleep,

I hear gentle snores around me and-

You in a velvet hued sarong cascading across my eyes.

I often go back to this moment,

Some faraway look in those blue eyes.

The candles now withering away,

Just as I fall into a gentle slumber.

I do not wish to sleep tonight,

For it means I must forget you in the morn.

Not a trace of you by my side,

Nothing but cold pillows and empty sheets.

I wish to linger in this memory,

A slight nostalgia to keep me alive.

As my eyes slowly give away,

I think of you bathing in the rain.

Let not sleep come tonight,

I cannot bear these empty halls.

The lingering silence that is my world,

For in my dreams-you are alive and so am I.


Featured Image: https://in.pinterest.com/pin/142707881931851812/

"Lovers" by Valentini Mavrodoglu

The artwork is by this amazing artist Valentini Mavrodoglu, please do check out other works. It is absolutely brilliant, show some love: https://www.saatchiart.com/valentinimavrodoglou

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