• Rahul Mahesh


I feel so lost in this world,

So cacophonous and absurd.

Seeking light in the trenches,

Making conversations with the inanimate.

There is beauty in this sombre sunrise today,

As I sit sipping on hot coffee.

The sun brightly placed on the horizon,

As the moon sinks to another world.

The birds singing atop branches,

The nightly denizens crawling back into their caves.

People clamouring about on brisk walks,

The dawn seems to bring the best in people.

As the sun kisses the cheeks of every leaf,

I feel them wake up, yawn and stretch,

I wonder if these trees feel just as groggy as I do.

As I light my morning cigarettes on the porch,

I feel complete, a sense of peace.

A feeling that is seldom truly found,

Not a moment of spiritual tranquility;

But a sense of equilibrium.

Children hanging on to the hands of their mothers,

Reluctantly stepping on to school buses.

The innocence in their eyes, yet to be beaten down;

By the chores of monotony.

Curious eyes and curiouser minds thus I see.

I never have seen such beauty in the morn lately,

For my thoughts been clouded and overcast with foreboding.

Yet today as I curl up in my robe,

I feel numb, yet present, so peculiar is this day!

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