• Rahul Mahesh


I am not going to speak of this nation as every speaker does, in glorified words. Today I shall speak of this country as every Indian now sees it, a face that we as Indians have become frustrated about: Indian Politics. This might not be a good topic to begin the morning as no one is happy to discuss about it. But I think discussion would relieve us of this frustration. Today, I shall not mince my words on what I speak because I feel that what we as citizens of India need to know is nothing but the reality of our current political situation. I am not motivating any kind of disrespect towards the government of India except venting the feelings that “Enough is Enough we need our rights, and we shall have it.”

The India we live in is progressing with leaps and bounds every year. Our Gross Domestic Production (GDP) is envy to almost all developed and developing countries alike. We, as a nation, have reached a stage of being highly advanced commercially or economically. The sad part of the story is that our generation (rather my generation) has immensely lost interest in the political activities of the country. The Anna Hazare campaign though currently fading, has brought about a wave of interest in politics, especially amongst youth. The people have lost their faith in the government as tonnes of scams and frauds have opened up in the past few months.

    I received this pang of writing on this topic when I was chatting with my friends after Civics class. I asked one of my friends what would he do after his boards? The reply came that most of them would like to go abroad for job opportunities. The shocker came after I asked them the reason for this decision. They said plainly, “Who in the right sense of mind would like to slog in a country of scams and ‘filth’?” This is the reaction of the genY of the country. I don’t blame my generation for the same. The people to be blamed are those who are sitting in front of the Indian Government insignia in posh offices, the ministers of the Indian Political Circus. The reason we have such an incompetent government is due to lack of leadership, the puppet show that congress plays with the PMO, the under-the-table dealings of the ministries. The ministers love to follow the famous Hindi proverb, “Ghee seedhi ungli se nahin nikli toh ungli tedhi karni padti hai!” Aaj ungli itni tedhi kar di hai ki seedhi karne ka mann nahin lagta. When was the last time you found an able leader in any of the ministries of India? When you & I were beginning to like Rahul Gandhi, he begins to act as the “Reluctant Prince”. Because of people like us who feel that:

    “You cannot adopt politics as a profession and remain honest.”

Just like Louis McHenry Howe said in his address on January 1933, the politicians have begun to get the feeling that no one can sniff our Swiss bank accounts out! No one can change this scenario by just tweets and Facebook wall posts, or by speaking in front of a crowd on an occasion of national importance. The difference comes in changing the line “My country India” to “Our country India”! Politics is somewhat like science, unless and until you put your mind and soul to understand it, everything seems bleak and absurd. The attitude of the people towards politics is what makes this sensitive topic too irritating and boring to talk and discuss about. Modern day politicians are the main culprits behind making the otherwise noble subject of politics filthy. You might be wondering what idiocy I am speaking. Even after large number of under-the-table transactions being revealed I tend to find a new hope in political progress. I personally believe that the generation we live in, have woken up to dishonesty and loss of integrity. The angry, frustrated youth have become impatient to bring about the much needed change in this attitude of the people and restore and revive the long lost trust in the government. The day when India will believe and abide to the constitution of the country, we will fathom the rise of a new sect on the face of the dirt smeared face of the Indian soil, a sect that believes in honesty, integrity and above all transparency. The root cause of majority indifference towards the political scenario of the country is basically the lack of transparency in the political affairs of the nation; the people are not introduced or made familiar with the political activities. Therefore, we have a democratic government which does not adequately implement and translate majority population wishes.

   The first reaction of any parent or teacher towards a child who says that he or she wants to be a politician is a sly smile, which suggests that this guy/girl surely knows how to make money kind of look. The mothers will wail for not being able to bring up her child well, the father will try to cut the cable and in the process sacrifice his dose of morning news as he feels it is the channels on TV that is spoiling the child. Neighbours will chuckle, end of the day you will struggle, and give up the idea. Another long lost dream of a future politician and if you are to say this to your friend….I don’t think I need to say much about their reaction.

On this august occasion, let us believe in our political rights, let us believe in our Constitution and above all let us believe in this revolutionary thought that: “After the darkest night the sun shall rise to a bright morning.” Let us bring forth a change that would last till time immemorial, a change that we as a generation will be remembered for. Across the sanctum of our luxuries awaits a world to conquer, many minds to inspire, many feeble hearts to be awakened. All this just on the basis of this wonderful dream of our late Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi:

     “I have a dream, a distant dream, not to far from the present; of a nation, an all conquering nation, INDIA…….”


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