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Puppy-The-Goat cover

Artist: Puppy

Release date: 25 January 2019

Genre: Metal

Label: Spinefarm Records UK


There is something about rock and metal bands coming out of Britain that I cannot seem to put a finger on. It is their excessively heavy hitting tones and the very many misnomers that exist. One of these bands are Puppya sweet name for a heavy hitting metal band (in its essence). The Goatthis seminal debut album, almost four years in the waiting, is one of their more genre bending sounds.  The value for striking nature of the band comes straight through the cover of this album. The images of everything that makes for an occult driven metal band paraphernalia with an almost mocking and blinding pink shade in its background. With specific attention  given to the aesthetics it is proof that the band is careful with everything that comes to making a successful album. With their roots solid in the underground scene, their popularity has been gradual and patiently brewing. This album catapults them into commercial relevance as it blends a bit of everything that soothes the untrained ear. Especially those of the more modern music leaning.

Getting right into it, the album leaves you longing for more with the impressionable track “Blackhole”. Your typical sing-along hard hitter with a charm of a Longshot album but the ethos of a Weezer record. The album is a callback to old time rock and metal bands with an almost similar tonal feeling. The bass heavy and high octane energy that pumps through songs like “Entombed”, “Bathe In Blood” are one of the more surprising transitions for the first time listeners. There is a very vibrant yet disguised occult influence running through the core of the album as almost all of the songs have one or the other reference to the culture. The movement into songs like “Vengeance” is hard and that shock valve is what this album is all about. Boasting of an eclectic and genre diverse songs that are interchangeable in every way possible is what makes for a great album to headbang to. This album has some sounds that growl, scream and yell through your headphones of words that are filled with ethos, foreboding and a hint of a haunting. The album has a chance at making you wonder where to put them in your collection because they are way too diverse to be confined to a genre and that is the beauty of The GoatThe lyrics on these tracks, as I mentioned earlier, has a lot of allusions to the occult practices that is almost common in the metal/heavy metal world. This line is where the band loves to breed and finds habitat in these wild notions of reality and wonder. The obvious allusions in songs such as “Bathe in Blood” and the songs even boast of powerful and vibrant imagery. The songs such as “Vengeance” and “Poor Me” has some of the more powerful usage of imagery and ideas that often tend to take you exactly where the words should. This is one of the main aspects of the songs in this album. The use of words are precise and adequate, enough exaggerated to bring in a sense of angst and rage. The overuse of metaphors is quite visible in most songs especially “Just Like You” and “Handlebars”Yet all these somehow tends to make sense in the longer context of the song. The song, The “World Stands Still” happens to be one of the most theatrical songs on the album. For the sole reason that this song has the potential to be part of one of the most savage action sequences, theatricals almost akin to some of the Sabatone sounds and that is saying something. No one does theatricals better than Sabatone for me.

The album is powerful, gritty, heavy and refreshing; which is an amazing feat for a debut album. Though there are places in the album where it breeds monotony, but in the end it all makes sense. In its crux it is an album full of occult and a seminal piece in action for a good headband. The album is definitely not for those with a faint taste for these kind of loud music, I suppose people who read this are usually the opposite. The Goat is an album that, after much patience, delivers a sound that will create ripples in the mainstream music scene. A slow and casual step towards bringing rock and metal towards the centerstage, something that seems to waning by the day. If there is a stepping stone into multi genre musicality, Puppy seems to be a decent start.


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