• Rahul Mahesh


The shadows creeping out again,

Unsolicited visits from the ethereal.

An uneasiness slips into my vile being,

A notion of apparent consciousness.

I can hear the screams again,

In this dark and empty room.

A shuddering silence I’d rather prefer,

But these voices in my head, keep me consumed.

My fingers begin to tremble,

My teeth start to clench again.

I feel an impending rage seeping through my veins,

I feel my heart pounding against my flesh.

A feeling I’d thought left far behind,

The moments that I’d thought had passed.

A guest, quite unwelcoming,

I feel I’m but turning bad again.

A crowd awaits at my doorstep,

Judgement in their eyes,

Vengeance in their being.

My soul screams out to me,

Waiting and wishing to be set free.

Let go of me you wretched misery!

Leave me be. Let me feel.

Let me know how it feels to smile again.

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