• Rahul Mahesh


To all the people who can relate to this.. some kind of blues that everyone leaving home gets. Relive those fun times at home, it’s never forever! HAPPY READING!!!

My bags are packed, I am ready to go,

My eyes set on a new tomorrow.

I’ve got mountains to climb, oceans to swim,

I’ve got this one chance, shouldn’t let go grim.

I’ve have decisions to make and choices so hard,

I’ve have conclusions to draw and a view of some lonely Boulevard.

I’ve got no time to waste, I got no chances to lose,

I’ve got no time for the world before my unbridled cruise.

My bags are packed, but I am reluctant,

My eyes are sore with unexpected tears of sorrow.

I’ve got mountains to climb, but my feet won’t move,

I’ve got this one chance, save my ironclad shoe.

My bags are by the door, I am reluctant to go,

For having to leave behind plenteous treasures.

I got oceans to brave, but I get these incessant seizures,

For  tangible reasons I am yet to know.

Emotions engulf me in its countless tentacles,

Wrapping me till I am choked, overwhelmed.

My home of today would be lost to this dingy cubicles,

And such gripping thoughts and feelings, that seldom helped.

I have tied my laces, yet so reluctant to go,

For these knots are mirrors of my present state.

Many words to speak, yet I am reluctant to show,

Too late to say them for I have reluctantly crossed the shore.


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