• Rahul Mahesh


This poem is about how love gives life and gives sweet release of death.

The night alights upon the world, shrouding my sight infinite,

The denizens awaken to haunt my slumber, croaking into the darkness.

I repose by my bedside lost in indelible mysterious respite,

My mind floating through the chaos of this eternal quietness.

I watch down upon the drenched streets, yet again lost in my swoon,

I watch the raindrops crashing on the moss-covered stones by the pavement.

I listen to the patter upon the foliage, little flickers of light from the moon,

I reach out my arm into the rain, soaking my fingers in silent delight.

My flailing vision catches something afar, a movement of some sort,

My ears tingle to a noise, a screech or a giggle from some port.

I neglect the sudden pandemonium to return to my trance,

I see a silhouette pacing through the grounds perchance.

The curious cat awakens and I leave the comfort of my room,

To venture into the niceties of this shower-coated night.

Unmindful of the pouring I follow the silhouette through myriad lanes,

The figure takes me beyond all of the places I seem to have seen before.

I slow my pace, to take some time to gaze at these images that thunder past,

A sense of deja-vu, I’ve been here before I implore into the silence of the night.

I see images of my past, the days I’ve sailed through breezing through my mast.

My childhood, my folks, my friends, my lovers, my crimes; I see them all tonight.

At the end I see the silhouette, ushering me towards it with watchful signs,

I reach for it, my senses peaked, my throat dried up and weary from imagination.

I hear a bellowing crash, a seering pain in my bosom, I fall supine.

I look into my lovers eyes, one final wish granted before my salvation.


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