• Rahul Mahesh



I have been nowhere yet,

To claim to have seen the world,

To have lived a life.

I have not seen the sunset,

Or the sunrise in its true glory.

Though every morning I do wake up,

And every evening I go to bed.

I have not seen the thin blue line on a summer morn,

At the horizon while I walk the shoreline.

I have not enjoyed the seas,

For I despise the water for reasons unknown.

I have not made love in its true glory,

Where the moments stand still and bodies stay entwined.

Pebbles of sweat descending our spines,

I have seldom had love seep right through my veins.

I have not seen the stars on a velvet sky,

For my eyes stay glued to the ground.

Seldom have I taken a moment to gaze,

And ponder my insignificance, caught up in blithe.

I have seldom smelt the air,

For every breath I took had a purpose,

To survive but never to live.

Such has been my plight.

I wish I could do all these things,

To feel what it means to feel again.

To touch for the sake of touching,

Someday. Someday...


Featured Image: https://in.pinterest.com/pin/361343570107484745/

The image is by artist Henrik Aarrestad Uldalen whose work is one of the most touching I have seen. I would love for you to check out his work at: https://www.henrikaau.com

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