• Rahul Mahesh


I seem to think quite a lot,

Will you remember me when I am gone?

When days are short, times do rot,

Will you think of me when I am gone?

I have lost all control of my thoughts,

Will you hold me when I fall?

I can’t find those dreams I sought,

Will you answer me when I call?

Time does sway, memories wither away,

Will you seek for me when I am lost?

In this delirium that I stay,

Will you warm me from this frost?

My dreams remain just as cold,

Will you deliver me from my ghost?

No great thoughts do I behold,

Will you be there when I need you most?

But I remain in this dandy hope,

Though I see you left me long ago.

I just wish you would never go,

Tie you to my heart with the tightest rope,

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