• Rahul Mahesh


The windows are shut, the blinds folded up,

The tap is running and water fills to the brim.

You sink under, hoping you’d drown,

But for breath you reach out, You insolent fool!

Is your life worth living?

Is this existence anything more than barren?

You cling on to your dear life, looking for salvation;

While you breathe the air of your own damnation.

Be silent you fool! You’ll wake them up,

The innocent bystanders to your hilarious insanity.

Your soul is abandoned in the the gallows,

Sentenced to penury, in the deep inconsiderate boroughs.

I see the light lift from your eyes,

Your eyes that once exuded zest and joy.

The curiosity of mortality, you tactless boy,

Steeped in vices, I’ll watch you end, I’ll watch you die.

#depression #memoriesreleasethoughts #chaos #fightingdepression #wishiwashappier #sadness

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