• Rahul Mahesh


There are days when your mind gets caught up with many distracting thoughts about how you will end up. Especially considering the fact that these are very crucial days for all of us. So its quite normal for mind to flitter into the unthinkable. I wrote this poem when I was in such a mood. When everything around me seems dark, I write. So this is for all you guys who are having such negative thoughts. YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!!

Oh thoughts, why do you flitter away?

To some distant land where I’d seldom stay.

Why do you so carelessly stray?

My mind from its slumber left affray.

I lose all patience, to stay with this task,

Of having to focus on things in hand.

Amidst these free flittering thought I bask,

Too tired to find completion to this errand.

Oh thoughts, why do you displace me so?

From this moody lingering reverie?

I walk ahead in a heady flow,

In my struggle scrambling from my misery.

Days seem to slither and crawl lazily,

Into dreams and myriad imaginations seamlessly.

Through this ordeal called routine I rush cursing,

Mostly lost in many such abstract musings.

Oh thoughts, do not torment me with your gaze ,

Of all those unpleasant moments in slow pace.

Like a pawn thrown in a chequered maze,

I am a little too lost to finish this phrase.

Maybe its these chilly nights that brings such,

Mindless and deviant melancholic memories.

Maybe its the thought of going through this much,

All over again in loathsome worries.

Oh thoughts, now why don’t you distract me?

When lost in unreasonable musings I remain?

Come forth and confound me till I am free,

From all such happenings that leave me insane.

If you can’t change me, try confusing,

I am here lost and slowly waning.

From my full bloom, I wither away,

Oh thoughts, gather these fallen leaves keep me in fray.

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