• Rahul Mahesh


I can hear our child crying,

Crying alone in her cradle.

She is on her own, afraid and shaking,

She looks for comfort, she looks for you.

I am helpless dear Marcia,

I know not where I must go.

You should’ve stayed longer, my love;

Maybe then we’d see our baby grow.

I knew you were ailing,

I’ve watched you sink slowly into darkness.

But little did I know, oh so little did I see;

I’d be here in this room all alone.

I remember the first time we met,

At college, across a crowded corridor.

I never knew of a love that’d persevere,

I never met someone as amorous as you.

I remember the two of us in our loft,

Light music playing while we danced along.

I remember your plants on the window sill,

I remember you working under the lamp at night.

I remember the walks we took,

Those long strolls hand in hand on a cold December night.

The coffee shop near the avenue,

Extra marshmallows on a crisp afternoon.

I remember the nights we stayed in bed,

We refused to get up, forgetting our daily chores.

I remember the day when you told me you were pregnant,

The glow in your face, the cheerful magnificent day.

I remember the pain in your eyes,

I remember the day our baby arrived.

Tears of joy, laughter and cheer abound,

Happy I was and forever we’d be.

If only I’d known it’ll be so short-lived,

If only I could’ve stayed longer in those moments.

Stop time and rest in those memories,

Never move forward to this grim and gloomy reality.

Dear Marcia, where are you now?

The plants on the window sill now turned brown.

I do not dance to our songs anymore,

Tears have taken its place, everything ever so morose.

I wish I could say that I miss you,

Those words are but futile to what I feel.

The nights seem darker, the mornings darker still,

No respite from this sadness that I feel.

I amuse myself as our babe prances about,

She has your eyes, I wish you could meet her soon.

My bedside lays vacant, my heart bleeds cold,

I look for you in the shadows that lurk by the shore.

I think of you constantly still,

As I walk in circles in this dark and cold room.

I must bid thee adieu my love,

I must let thee be.

Our babe in the manger wails, I must stop;

I must forbear and let our love become nothing but a fond memory.

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