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This is my take on what it takes to be happy in this fast and wireless world, on how charity (though largely forgotten) becomes an important duty to the world. This work talks about how important it is to be happy and spread happiness; thus ‘the capsule of happiness’.


‘The hands that give are more pious than those that receive.’

When I heard these words, I was left to wonder of its utterly platonic ramifications as it is seldom that people offer charity. You cannot force charity, the divinity of the act loses its charm when forced. I have always pondered as to why people find pleasure in giving away while the majority indulges in hoarding. The broad smile upon those underprivileged faces on receiving even the most minor of gifts make me curious. When we are confounded in this competitive world, we often miss out on the simple bounties of life. When we are largely caught up in our books and private tensions that we miss out on the magical moments of simplicity that nature unfolds every single day.       Happiness is not found in IPhone apps, Gucci bags or Vero Moda gift vouchers; it is not found in dining at the Taj restaurants or Starbucks coffee cups. It is always in the feeling of giving or in charity that happiness abounds. I am forever amazed at how any simple moment of trivial manifestations turns out to impact our minds in such a way that we remain joyous throughout the day. Then I wondered what it might be to those people, who are happy with scraps they collect among the used rummages in the garbage cans. The Superman with a torn cape; Spiderman who weaves no web, become inseparable parts of their childhood. We often give speeches of how the poor are exploited, abused and undermined. But if you ever catch a glimpse of those kids under the highway smile, those would be one of the most beautiful sights ever – an eighth wonder. Those happy faces despite dire adversity is an admirable sight, one which forever garners curiosity and respect. They may not be privileged but they are beyond that : they are content. We might boast of having a MacBook, an LCD television set, Wrangler jeans adorning your wardrobe but for once; are we happy in the true sense of the word? These expensive goods give you luxury, but the smallest acts of compassion is what gives you happiness. I am sure you will be happier once you give away such goods to people who actually needs them; as it is charity that yields supreme contentment.        Open your arms, open your heart; let go of the burden that rips you apart. There is always and only compound interest on what you give; truly charity is a profitable investment. There is no illness, no trauma that cannot be cured by this bitter sweet capsule called ‘happiness’.

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