• Rahul Mahesh



The rain has quieted down tonight,

The windows rattle no more.

The air doesn’t threaten your being,

The sun scorches no more. As I stand upon this stoop,

I see the world beneath me.

Umbrellas for people,

Trudging to some place, in unison. The patters of raindrops upon empty rooms,

Clotheslines devoid of life.

No children playing in puddles,

These windows stay open no more. The potholes are left untouched,

I hear no happy sounds,

The birds have gone silent in their nests,

Braving these silent storms. There are no violent storms,

This time the siege is silent.

Our minds gain no momentum,

Simply meandering these concrete shores. There is nothing to see here,

Save the wretched graveyard of a storm.

The water slowly gains ground,

The sea dwellers have gone back to the farthest seas.

Oars in hand, fighting these treacherous waves;

A baby cries in his mother’s arms,

As she swims to keep this life afloat.

The baby yearns for its long lost peace,

Uprooted trees, uprooted families.

Holding on to hope – a saving grace,

A speckle of land in some faraway horizon.


Featured Image: https://www.sfgate.com/columns/slideshow/Floods-in-India-displace-millions-45399/photo-3148884.php https://in.pinterest.com/pin/191473421627988612/?nic_v2=1a50AD8pH The image featured is by accredited/award-winning photojournalist Anupam Nath of the Associated Press. His work during the Assam floods led to worldwide stark imagery into the pitfalls of the aftermath of the disaster.

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