• Rahul Mahesh



Quiet, quiet now, O hungry heart!

The battlements have now burned down.

The enemy is at the gates

The hell is now calling your name.

Do not put down your weapons,

O mighty men, these are the end days.

Walk not to this sunset in silence,

Roar, roar your way to the gates of the Almighty!

Your last breath shall fall upon this battlefield,

No man shall now die in vain.

For glory hath a funeral parade,

Many a merry men shall remember your name.

Death is but a parting gift,

This life a mere vessel for your courage.

Seize your brethren by the cuff,

Yield no grass, yield not the mud.

Leave the man at the door,

Become Gods today.

For when the battle cease,

You may never be.

But your names shall forever remain.

The gilded sword shines still,

The brazen blood still clings to the sheath.

I shall tell my children, long after today;

I lived among Gods, I walked among men.


Featured Image: https://br.pinterest.com/pin/147704062767224204/

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