• Rahul Mahesh


The writings on the wall have thus faded,

Memories remain colluded.

In a state of confusion and maddening silence,

I rest undisturbed and in peace.

In quiet silences I feel you creeping,

Seeking and seething in my mind.

Waiting to open, break free;

Let time set me free, let me be.

In all these years I have stayed quite;

In unmindful musings I’ve waged wars.

Unrecognised and uncalled for I rest;

What crude abuse? What amusement I thus seek?

Yesterday I was but a memory,

Untouched and unadorned.

Waiting to scream, wanting to speak;

Let time set me free, let me be.

For now here I am,

Untouched flames I’d bleed.

Forgive me for the respite I seek,

Revival of the unspoken, Mother Time set me free.

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